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The Fallen Star Hierophant by PencilBones
The Fallen Star Hierophant
This is NOT a Fallen Star to be reckoned with. He is one of the top dogs in the Fallen City and is actually one of the reasons the city moves so freely through the dead space between the realms.

He uses his hair as Lume did his ribbons. THOUSANDS of malleable blades at his command to keep you busy.  Not to mention the devastating weather control he has when he's able to concentrate. AKA Do not let him breathe in a fight!  

This is not Lume in the Canon world. The Hierophant is from an alternate universe as many of the Fallen Stars are. 
Starlight Rangers - Lume the Cerulean Skies Ranger by PencilBones
Starlight Rangers - Lume the Cerulean Skies Ranger

Lume had a difficult childhood. He was the offspring of an infidelity. His father was an absent kind of guy. His half-sister treated him like garbage; surely blaming him for the destruction of her family. But his mother was wonderful, loving, caring.  He lived for his mother's affections. When he turned fourteen, on the day of his birthday, his parents died in a car crash, and his sister became his legal guardian.

He lived with his sister for three years, going to school, babysitting a neighbor boy (Andymy) and his tiny little niece (Rori). He had his first boyfriend at seventeen and his sister had a complete shit fit about it as it conflicted with the traditional values of her religion. She got the neighborhood and her fellows at the police department involved. It wasn't long til said boyfriend bailed. Regardless his sister kept him under constant watch. 

One day he saw an opening, while babysitting his niece. He took her next door and left her with the now old enough to be left home alone, Andymy. He grabbed his backpack and stuffed it with what little he had that was actually his. He left his sister's house and never looked back.

Five years, and thirty-eight cities later he made a wish on a star from a rooftop of a crappy apartment complex. "I wish that I was free..." Thinking back to the oppression he had felt in his sister's home, the constant desperation of his life on the run. The several brushes with the law that would have revealed his location. Twenty-two years old and he was still running. He stepped to the ledge...

And stepped off...

A bright light stunned him. When his vision cleared he and several others (the Orphan Dreamers) were sitting on white powdered dirt, staring up at the Earth in the night sky. Lume met Andymy again and the kid won his heart.

A year later and the Orphan Dreamers chased the Rogue Gustavo back to Earth and thus began the swelling ranks of the Starlight Rangers.

He made many new friends, and went on many missions for the mysterious Hans, but something was wrong. Lume would have black outs.  They started before he returned to Earth with the others. He kept it to himself, not wanting to burden anyone with silly paranoid ideas about the strange whispers in his head. It took another two years to track Gustavo down and confront him. Gustavo revealed his own motivations and the knowledge triggered something deep within Lume.

The Star Liberator awoke. The Soul of the Star of Freedom. Lume was overcome by the sheer purity of the soul and went dormant within, trapped and doomed to watch as he ransacked the countryside chasing after Gustavo and fighting mass numbers of fellow rangers and Gustavo's Candy Nurses, severely injuring friend and foe alike. He took down a jet liner, (thankfully of which other rangers managed to rescue the passengers) and left a trail of destruction across three states in what would later be called the Ranger War.

The Liberator was defeated and those with him still at the end of the battle were Andymy, Francine, & Alice. It was these three that, with the aid of Hans, hid his unconscious body away to save his life from possible reprisals, and to lock him up until they knew for certain the Liberator was gone.

Lume spent a year inside Hans' HQ deep in an underground containment unit while he learned how to build up walls around the remnants of the Liberator left inside. Visited often by Andymy and a few select Rangers that knew he was still alive. All the while the Liberator continued to whisper. Whispering about the coming...

And then the Rifts appeared. Loosing Fallen Stars into the world. Lume broke out of containment and joined the fight against the Fallen Star in Charge of this group: Big Shot. Using the remnant powers of the Liberator without being able to transform like he used to.

Lume went home with Andymy and they lived comfortably for a year. Lume remaining a hermit in their apartment. Lume and Andymy began to fight about his seclusion, and Andymy misspoke in anger. "You might as well have died back then!" trying to make a point. However Lume took it as him saying he wished he had died, that he didn't love him anymore. 

So when the Liberator started whispering again, Lume listened. The Star Collector was coming...

Lume held off Iris the Star collector by fully accepting the Star Liberator within him, both of an equal mind on keeping the stars free from her clutches. However Liberator and Collector are adverse to each other. Unable to defeat their polar opposites in head on conflict.

It wasn't until the conclusion of the Omega Tournament that Iris got the better of him and slapped him down to the moon surface. When he stood to fight again Alice and the power of the Omega Star, reached out to Iris and pulled her away from the control of the Star Collector, successfully ending the Conflict. 

Unable to face Andymy again after letting the Liberator in, Lume went with Alice and Iris into the depths of space. 

It's been two years and Lume has returned to earth again. Sailing freely through the skies of earth again. Having come to harmony with the Liberator inside he finds himself happy and has been wandering around earth learning new things, and starting a small independent clothing store online. 

He hasn't made contact with any of the rangers yet, except for Robin who now runs Hans' company, updating the databases on current events in the universe including the seeming betrayal of Vedran, the current status of Iris and Alice, and more.

Name: Jonathon Lume
Preferred Name: Lume

Age: 29
Gender: Male

Color: Cyans & Teals
Alias: Cerulean Skies Ranger

Transformation Item: Arm Band (Made with the fabric of his old ribbon.)
StarMech: Avelerion (The Great Drowning Egret)
Weapon: Ribbon-Blades

Class: Magical Ranger

Ribbon Shower               (High Speed Barrage of Ribbon Blades)
Tempest                         (Storm Calling)
Clarity                            (Clearing out the Sky)
Shattered Skies              (Massive Storm Funnel Attack)
Sail                                (Levitation / Flight)

Alignment: Good

Karma - Solitude (Lume is rarely affected by the consequences of his Karma anymore after coming to a Harmony with the Liberator.)

Commission: The Fallen Star Wraith by PencilBones
Commission: The Fallen Star Wraith
The ever lovable :iconkyde-drakes: tasked me with creating the look of her Fallen Star: Wraith.

I do hope you love it girl!

Want the Template?


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Jonathon Robert Bone
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Author, Artist & Graphic Designer

I'm an Author, Illustrator, and Graphic Designer. I have an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design and a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communications.

I love working within the team dynamic to foster new ideas and innovations. I am currently freelancing and looking for the next great project to be a part of. I am open to freelance or full-time work so if you are an employer and are interested in my work shoot me an e-mail!

Current Residence: Texas, U.S.A.
Favorite genre of music: Pop / Rock / Classical
Personal Quote: "Life is meant to be lived."


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Rest in peace Monty Oum. It was a pleasure to have known you even the little that I did.

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